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“It's really good. It's a cross between light and dense. Delicious... They are super tender. Out of the two meatballs, I like the vegetarian the most! This is something to write home about. Very nice.” -Guy Fieri
fm96.9: The Game"You know it's real italian when the lady gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek."
Unique Eats Orlando"Chef Isabella Morgia di Vicari, who owns and operates this homey spot with her husband, Jeff Morgia, really, really knows meatballs." LINK
Summit Magazine"The Meatball Stoppe grabs you by the hand and brings you right into an Italian home full of good food and great company." LINK
Orlando Sentinel"From the moment I walked into The Meatball Stoppe, owner Isabella Morgia di Vicari made me feet at home with her hug and exuberant personality." LINK
Real Radio 104.1"The chicken meatball, buffalo style, balanced with blue cheese on top––that with the white-bean ragout is crazy killer."
USA Today 10 Best"Orlando's #1 ranked most family-friendly restaurant and #7 best value in USA Today's travel guide." LINK
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